The Best Way To Use Ground Turkey

If you are looking for a cheaper and lower fat alternative to ground beef, you should try substituting it in any recipe you use ground beef in. The difference in taste is minor but the health benefits in eating ground turkey over beef might make you a convert.

Using ground turkey to make meatballs for a quick family dinner, it is unlikely that you will detect any difference from those made with beef, except of course that when you brown the meat, you will not see the same amount of grease in the pan. Grease leads to high blood pressure which is not healthy for anyone, be they young or old.

Another way to use ground turkey is to make a turkey meatloaf. This can be accomplished by taking the ground turkey adding one beaten egg per pound, spices, bread crumbs and ketchup or tomato sauce and bake it in the oven for 45 minutes to one hour at 350 degrees. This simple recipe will provide your family with a nutritious meal, without the fat that a meatloaf made with ground beef would.

A third way to use ground turkey is to either make ground turkey burgers or mix it with ground beef to lessen the fat contact of 100 percent beef burgers. You can even try adding the ground beef and ground turkey mixture to a home made pizza for that local restaurant taste similar to the ones found here. The substitution is painless, your family will probably not be aware of the difference, unless you tell them. We are all looking for ways to eat more healthy. Cooking with ground turkey,adding vegetables or rice to our recipes instead of being dependent on beef alone as an ingredient will get us to that place sooner than if we only eat a red meat like beef.

Ground turkey can be stuffed into green peppers or other vegetables instead of beef to make stuffed peppers. Anything you make with ground turkey has to be spiced up, as turkey is a meat that does not have any intrinsic flavor of its own. Ground beef recipes are easily convertible to ones with ground turkey, but you will have to add more spices and perhaps an egg and bread crumbs to bind the ground turkey into a burger or a meatball. You can look at ground turkey as a pale substitute for ground beef.

Personally, I prefer to mix ground turkey and beef together so that the unique beef taste comes through with the turkey. Of course, 100 percent turkey recipes do not contain any fat, and this fact is something to consider when cooking with ground turkey.

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- November 5, 2015


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